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by a gunman at los angeles international airport. the t.s.a. says that checkpoint operations will stop at hundreds of aiports at 9:20 the moment hernandez was shot at lax on friday. he is the first t.s.a. officer killed in the line of duty. two other t.s.a. officers and a bystander were wounded. the alleged gunman, paul ciancia, was shot by police and is still in the hospital. investigators say he targeted t.s.a. officers. >> kaiser nurses no need to worry about the jobs when a unit shuts down after reaching an agreement with the california nurse's association giving nurses transfers into new positions with preference. the unit closed november 17. kaiser moves the young patients to the pediatric hospital in oakland. the closing will make it difficult for some parents to get care if their children. >> a bay area woman with breast cancer is taking her personal crisis and turning it into an inspiration for people a video this turns a bad situation into something uplifting. her friends are answering the call. >> a dance party is the last thing you would expect to happen before a double ma
caught the meteor on the dash camera of the car. people in los angeles, santa barbara, all reported seeing the meteor light up the southwest skies along with sightings up own portland and as far as away mexico. if you have video, we want to see it, by sharing it on facebook or twitter. >> this morning, the obama administration is taking more heat for the botched health care website but democrats now are also complaining. president obama heard complaints yesterday from 16 senate democrats up for re-election. the presidential says he is frustrated by the failure of health and human services secretary sebelius is pledging to have it fixed by november 30. a top official involved in creating the site plans to step down next week. the administration says his spot will be filled internally. >> the head of pg&e is calling for an independent review to see if the company files misleading records on a natural gas pipeline in san carlos. the decision by pg&e c.e.o. comes after the state public utility commission proposed fining the utility more than $17 million on monday. pg&e i
bought a winning powerball ticket in los angeles but no one has claimed the rise and it expires at 5:00 p.m. this evening. if no one comes forward the $46 $465,000 goes to a fund for california schools. the clock is ticking. >> time to look at the traffic. the bad situation is the fatal on 880. >> jarring images taken early this morning, a scene of a faith accident on 880. two people died when a car speeding hit and careened into a big rig. it hit another vehicle head on. two people died. there are major delays in our traffic. we will go to our map and show you what is happening. this is right around fifth street southbound 880 we have all but one lane shut down and that is causing delays coming away from 980 and the red is indicating bumper-to-bumper truck. elsewhere in the bay it is looking clear, tracy from dublin, over the altamont pass, 26 minutes gets you there and from antioch to conquer, it is 15 minutes. 101 southbound out of san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. we have the possibility of fog in santa rosa so if you are traveling 101 you may want to use the low beams and no
.s.a. officer killed when a gunman walked in and opened fire at los angeles international airport. the suspect, paul ciancia, is accused of killing a 3-d-year-old hernandez and injuring three others november 1. the attorney general holder is expected to attend the service at the l.a. memorial sports arena. ciancia faces the death penalty. >> a city will pass newant smoking guidelines today. the lafayette city council will meet and formally adopt the chains after community input. the new rules will ban smoking at outdoor public areas, dining areas, and prevent lighting up in new multiapartment complexes. it does not apply to e-cigarettes. >> this is a look at a fire response in san leandro from an alameda county firefighter's camera. crews had a difficult time navigating the fire because this was built on a hillside. there are 50 marijuana plants inside. a gas leak from an outdoor grill started the fire. two dogs died but three escaped. >> live doppler 7 hd shows a lot of green. >> a lot of green but over the ocean is where it is staying. it is running into this wall of dry air so that is under
:00 saturday morning. the big picture? we have rain to the south. los angeles and san diego have scattered showers and through the grapevine. mid-60's in los angeles and san diego and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and 36 in tahoe today. >> we are accident free. 32 bart trains are on time. in san jose, nothing but top speeds as you maybe it northbound and southbound along 280 in and out of cupertino along 85 away from 101 up to cupertino looking clear and continuing up to 101, that is a great drive and 101 is not giving us any problem between 280/680 split and the nimitz is clear. 680 from highway four to walnut creek through pleasant hill is eight minutes and 24 if you need to continue through oakland that is ten minutes and 580 westbound from tracy to dublin has more traffic building but you are still 30 minutes. a psychic and spiritual medium has died at 77. show passed away yesterday at good samaritan hospital in san jose but does nut give a cause. she was a leader in paranormal world for decades appearing on television and radio. she was aware of her psychic abilities when
diego and los angeles. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> we have construction in san jose if you are traveling northbound and southbound along 87, we have lanes completely closed. that will lift in five minutes. it should not affect the commute just yet. 880 is clear and you are looking at slow-and-go traffic with value moving across 101. we have a sig-alert working in livermore. we will look at the san jose camera at 280 away from 17, a few extra cars already and you can see them coming away from highway 17 in the background and a few extra headlights and everyone is moving at top speed. >> thank you. day care worker in the south bay faces charges of child endangerment for being drunk at work. the 58-year-old woman works at a child development center in morgan hill. parents called police yesterday morning saying she was intoxicated. after talking with her, responding officers arrested lopez. there are no indications any children were harmed. >> proposal to close san francisco parks overnight goes before the full board today. the supervisor's measure would make city parks off lim
los angeles and san diego with mid-to-upper 60's and 80 in palm springs and upper 60's to 70 through the central valley and temperatures are back to closer to where they should be in tahoe at 47 degrees. leyla gulen? >> we have debris in the lanes blocking off the lanes northbound side of 87 coming up to santa clara treat which could impact the commute. watch out for that and drive carefully northbound continuing up toward the san jose airport looking clear southbound not too bad. as we look at our drive time traffic 680 from walnut creek to dublin at top speeds 101 is clear from santa rosa and through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 at 23 americans the golden gate bridge is clear with no fog from sauce lady and into san francisco. >> if you have friends in town would want to visit coit tower in san francisco, do it this weekend, a start-up construction sign went up and on monday, work to renovate the landmark begins so sunday is the last day to visit until mid-april when tower is expected to re-open. the city is repairing water leakans that damaged the 80-year-old tower's
and another high record in tahoe. yesterday it was 62, tying the record. 78 in los angeles. 72 in san diego. typhoon haiyan is now a tropical storm with the wins falling apart dropping to 75 miles per hour. it will head to the most and fall apart. this could be the last time we talk about it as it will just bring heavy rain to southeast china. leyla gulen? >> we have 31 bart trains running on time with no ace rain but everyone else is running on a normal schedule. however, we could see lighter traffic this morning because of the veteran's day holiday. it is not so light north of fairfield as i take you to westbound 80 at the parkway we have a serious wreck involving an overturned vehicle. two lanes are blocked. if you are headed out of vacaville, watch out. if san jose, we have clear conditions away from 17 in the background with a few folks out there. >> this morning, the european space agency says it does not appear the one ton research satellite caused any damage when re-entering theth's -- the earth's atmosphere. it fell apart when it reached earth after running out of fuel. it landed i
, san diego 81, los angeles, 89, same in palm springs, check out the warmth in palm spring, above average. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a solo vehicle spinout on highway 4. it looks like egg was running on time. however, this could start to slow traffic in the westbound direction along highway 4 coming up to bailey with slowing through antioch moving at top speed. headed along 680 from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes. watch out for the fog. only 23 minutes through the santa cruz mountains and in san jose northbound 280 away from 17 it is empty. >> officials at uc berkeley have now met their goal of reducing the carbon footprint two years early. the campus has saved electricity for seven years by let tremendous fitting the buildings and saved a million gallons of fuels by encouraging bicycle use and buying more solar and wind energy. they claim the greenhouse gas emissions are below what they were in 1990 and plan to set a new target for further reduction by spring. >> we have learned the results of feder
san diego and los angeles and 76 in palm spring. the in three days in tahoe, rain at 47 degrees, a very warm system. snow will mix in thursday, maybe an inch of accumulation at lake level. look at sunshine: it will melt whatever falls and sticks on friday which is sunny and 41. leyla gulen? >> i found slowing for you headed into san francisco and this because of a project that will be watching up at action, as well, but, certainly, it is causing a bottleneck headed into san francisco. northbound 101 teen silver and vermont street, coming up to the 280 extension and it dissipates as you continue the drive up to the central freeway. before you get there, 280 is looking clear and if you need to make the drive over to the extension it is not too bad. we have road closures in the city because of the convention at the moscone center that will last through friday. howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th and will re-open after friday. >> it is 4:56. this morning, beauty products company origin is recalling one of their face creams after scoffing mold in it. the recall involves the m
at 50, headed down south the nicer days are today and tomorrow and near 70 in san diego and los angeles and 74 in palm springs all with sunshine. safe travels. >> san jose is wide open right new and we do not have construction this and certainly no accidents as we take you over to 101, 85 and 280. it is clear. ing in but green. that means you are at top speeds and the nimitz, northbound and southbound direction, you are at top speed. as we look at drive time traffic, antioch to hercules the entire stretch to i-80 westbound is 28 minutes and still in the clear. when you get to 280, traveling to the maze that is 15-minute delay and 87, away from highway 85 to the san jose airport is under ten minutes. clear drive to get you going. >> an investigative report on the connecticut school massacre will be released today at noon. the report by the lead investigator of the state police could provide the first official answers to questions of the young gunman who is accused of killing 20 children and six woke inside the sandy hook elementary. the investigation has drawn criticism for being shroude
richmond and is held on $10,000 bail. >> rebound is in los angeles this morning wrapping up the west coast tour. he left bay area yesterday a whirlwind visit that included a speech on immigration reform. it was appearance in san francisco's chinatown that is drawing nation-wide attention. our reporter has the story. >> it went as planned until 21 minutes into the speech. >> most importantly we will live up --. >> a graduate student from san francisco state interrupted the president. >> i wasn't intending to interrupt the speech. >> he is an undocumented immigrant from south korea. a handful of friends were hand picked to stand behind the president after arrive the a san francisco's recreation center. >> they picked us out to be decorations in the background but we have our own minds, too. >> he is tired of hearing politicians talk about immigration and doing nothing. that is why he decided to speak out. >> use your executive order to halt petes for -- petitions for the 11.5 million immigrants. >> if i could solve this without laws this congress i would do so. we are also a nation of laws.
you get to fresno at 71 and 74 at los angeles and 51 and clouds in tahoe. >> it looks like by looking at our cameras in concert, more and more drivers have been taking to the roads. it looks like the holiday road trips are going to be packed with fellow travelers but westbound 580 at greenville is causing a crimp in the commute at 45 miles per hour and 10 miles per hour closer to the accident. at the drive as you get closer to fremont, southbound 880, at highway 84, we have a stalled out car, blocking one lane, and a wide look at san jose. this is where we are seeing quiet conditions so no accidents out here, no stalls, and no construction to get in your way. >> this morning, a video called how to fight a baby is bumping up the web. gavin shows off wrestling moves on his ten-month-old son and the video received three million views in two days. he said it is a lightheartedject but not everyone gets this joke. >> do you have what it takes? can you take on your old man? >> some say it is funny and cute and others do not see the humor saying tossing a baby around could cause serious injur
at tahoe and headed to los angeles, 82 is the warm spot along with palm springs and san diego at 77. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> it is beautiful the past couple of days. traffic is not so beautiful over the altamont pass. we have a brand new problem in the eastbound direction a stalled big rig blocking a lane, eastbound 580 at greenville road it is causing a slow down before the closure we have a closure in place several lanes are taken away between greenville and north flynn road and that will last until 9:00 this morning. you can see what traffic we have as you make it over the altamont pass from tracy. that is due, in part, to an early accident involving a motorcycle and this is at north flynn road in the westbound direction. when you pass that, you are in the clear and looking at a good drive. back in the south bay we have this crash in place a solo vehicle spinout westbound 237 to northbound 101 connection. a look outside at san rafael coming great central san rafael to san francisco not a problem and a few extra headlights coming down your way. kristen and eric? >> secretary of st
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14